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YES. We are broken spring specialists. Our replacement torsion springs are heavy duty, high cycle, oil tempered springs that do not require lubrication and can last over 4 times as long as typical garage door springs.

The simply answer is no. Fixing a garage door spring yourself is dangeous. You could hurt yourself severely or even dir. Click here to find out 5 DIY garage door mistakes.

You have either torsion springs or extension springs. You'll see torsions springs above your door or extension springs on the slides. Torsion springs have metal cones at the end, extension springs loops. Torsion springs are on a metal tube, extension springs are not. See comparision images and find out more.

Can I fix that myself or do I need help? There are 5 common reasons why your door might jam. Some are fixes you can tackle on your own. Sometimes, it will require a tech. Read this article to sort it out. 5 Common Reasons Your Door Is Jammed.

When your garage door won't open there are some simple fixes that you can do yourself and other problems where you might want to call a professional. Click here to learn all the fixes.

Find out the possible reasons and preventions as to why your garage door is shaking when it opens and closes. Click here to learn the facts and solutions on Garage Doors.


YES. Simply put... we can make your garage door the quietest on the block!

YES. A professionally trained technician will arrive, on-time, in a fully stocked truck and fix your garage door right the first time.


When replacing anything on your garage door, you want to be educated in making the best decision for your home. Replacing just the panel can make things worse. Click here to learn more about Panel Replacement


There are many different types of seals for multiple purposes. These are an essential part of your garage door. Click here to learn the facts about Garage Door Seals.

All of our springs and parts are ultra high-quality American-made, Our garage door springs and parts are manufactured from the best steel available. Be aware that the level of quality in garage door springs can differ dramatically between springs from different manufacturers and from different countries. While it is always a good idea to shop price, you need to know that higher quality may cost a little more and will more than pay off in performance and durability.